As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to travel the world

Sawadee krup, my names Steven Harvey (not the comedian!) and a BIG welcome to my site.

Here you will find a not-so-serious take on the latest internet marketing products and courses. I still work hard and make money however 🙂

So who am I? (Click the below image to find out) 

I’m a 30-something regular dude from Wales who happens to be living the dream in Bangkok, Thailand. I discovered this amazing country during my travels and am fortunate now to call this place home.

But it wasn’t always like this…

In August 2016 whilst working my dead-end corporate I.T job I was struck down suddenly with a rare illness– Uncompensated Labyrinthitis.

This condition damaged the vestibular nerve connecting my ear and brain, sending false signals, leaving me in a permanent state of dizziness and unbalance. Most people fully recover from this condition inside 6 weeks…but it took me TWO YEARS to get back to normality (and still affects me from time to time to this day).

I thought my life was over. Each day I would face a new nightmare as I took up daily neuro-physiotherapy to try to ‘train’ my brain to get used to these new signals.

Not knowing if I would ever fully recover or return to work again, I decided I didn’t want to leech from my parents or the government for the rest of my life. It was during my recovery whilst stuck in bed that I searched for ways of being able to make money online from home. Even if just to get my dignity back.

Now this is the part that may sound familiar to you… I bought every course out there. I would buy a new product every week. I tried dropshipping, freelancing, CPA marketing, Facebook Ads…even a scam pyramid scheme that promised to get me rich overnight but never did.

Then the eureka moment…affiliate marketing.

It was a struggle at first, I didn’t know what I was doing, as usual. Through trial and error, promoting new offers every single day to find what marketing angles worked and learning the arts of copywriting, email marketing and funnel building – I started to find success.

I began networking, going to marketing events and meeting successful people.

Soon I realised that what they were doing wasn’t rocket science and not a million miles from what I was capable of.

This channel has been setup to help people new to marketing or people who have tried and failed and have been left frustrated. Just like I was.

If you stick with me I will do my best to help you, and who knows maybe we will have some fun along the way too.

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Anyway I hope you enjoyed my backstory and how this website came to be. If you have any questions please contact me below and I will do my best to answer you.

I’ll drink to that ☺